What Happened With Bryan And Rowan After WWE SmackDown Went Off Air?

Pair had further business after show went off air.

Daniel Bryan Rowan SmackDown

This week's episode of SmackDown concluded with Daniel Bryan and sneering lackey Rowan trying to force Roman Reigns into an apology for his accusations of attempted murder, based entirely on hearsay. WWE's Captain Planet told the Big Dog he'd conducted his own investigation - and that he would reveal all in the coming weeks.

The show went off the air shortly afterwards, but that wasn't the end of Daniel Bryan's involvement in Toronto's Scotiabank Arena. After 205 Live was in the can, he and Rowan faced off against Heavy Machinery in the show's dark closer.

The match ended when Rowan earned his team a disqualification for brandishing a steel chair. They hardly cared, and proceeded to beat down Otis and Tucker after the bell.

SummerSlam weekend finally came to a close when Bryan mistimed a running knee and clocked his partner instead, after which Heavy Machinery fought back and sent the heels packing.

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