What Is Bray Wyatt's Status For This Week's WWE SmackDown?

'The Fiend' was not advertised for show in England.

The Fiend lurking on SmackDown

Bray Wyatt will appear on tonight's episode of SmackDown, his first television appearance since claiming the Universal Championship last week.

'The Fiend' dismissed Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel last week, but WWE's itinerary issues meant that even he, a manifestation of his own troubled psyche, remained grounded in the country. As a consequence, he unavoidably missed last Friday's episode of SmackDown, despite being heavily advertised for the show.

Though Bray was not originally promoted for this week's edition of the blue brand, emanating from Manchester, England, he has nevertheless flown over, and is confirmed for an appearance.

Wyatt is not currently scheduled for any of WWE's subsequent live events in the country, and it's unknown if Raw's de facto top champ will be returning for Monday night's show.

Elsewhere on tonight's pre-taped SmackDown, lineal boxing champ Tyson Fury will address his hometown crowd, Sasha Banks takes on Nikki Cross, and Roman Reigns collides with King Corbin in what surely promises to be just as good as last week's classic between Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan.

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