What Ridiculous Lengths Did WWE Go To For Ric Flair?

Props? Who needs props?

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Unforgiven 2005 was the focal point of Bruce Prichard's latest 'Something To Wrestle With' podcast.

As always, it was worth a listen to get the backstage scoop on everything happening in and around the pay-per-view, but one story was particularly amazing/alarming (depending on your point of view).

During the show, WWE ran a backstage skit that saw Ric Flair zooming off in a limousine with four beautiful women. The 'Nature Boy' was about to celebrate his Intercontinental Title win over Carlito, and had some bottles of champagne for the occasion.


When his quartet of female...friends stepped into the limo, Flair paused to take some viagra on screen and ended up emptying most of the bottle into his mouth.

That was real viagra.


Obviously, Ric didn't crunch the entire bottle, but WWE had genuinely tasked a staff member with going out and getting a prescription. Prichard's co-host Conrad Thompson rightly wanted to know why they didn't just use a prop - who would know the difference?

Bruce couldn't answer that. He remembers asking the same question 15 years ago, only for someone to tell him that the pills and bottle needed to look convincing.

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