What Stupid Reason Did WWE Give For Cancelling Dolph Ziggler's Push?

You won't believe this is real...

WWE officials once told Dolph Ziggler that they couldn't push him to the top because of his hairstyle.

During an interview with talkSPORT, the current WWE Title challenger reminisced about a time when he was left stunned that hair could come between him and main event glory; on 18 April 2011, Vickie Guerrero introduced the "new and improved" Ziggler. He had trimmed his long, bleach-blonde locks into a brown crew cut.

It sucked, and it he knew it at the time, but WWE were certain that this new look would be his ticket to the headline mix. They were wrong, and they admitted that to Dolph a short while after. The entire experiment lasted around three weeks. Oops!


Ziggler knew it was stupid at the time. He gave WWE's suggestion a try, knowing it'd fail, then used their embarrassment to get more of what he wanted - Dolph pitched that he actually get to incorporate some of his old "shooting background" into his matches.

He described the haircut as the "dumbest thing" he's ever done, and said that it just wasn't what fans wanted from his character.

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