What TWO Things Does Ric Flair Dislike About Today's WWE?

The 'Nature Boy' shoots from the hip...


WWE legend Ric Flair has told Booker T's 'Hall Of Fame' podcast exactly what he doesn't like about today's WWE product.

According to the 'Nature Boy', there aren't nearly enough "huge characters" on the roster who can capture the collective imaginations of fans watching. The interesting thing about that assessment is that Flair himself played a straight-ahead pro wrestler between the ropes. Outside them though, there's no denying how engaging a personality he was.

The stock phrase "larger than life" springs to mind.


Continuing his criticism, Ric added that wrestlers in WWE just don't have the kind of worldly experience he (and others) did during his (or their) prime. He believes that wrestling the same small group of workers time and time again is actually detrimental to a wrestler's progression.

Then, Flair used the podcast platform as an excuse to put over his onscreen buddy Randy Orton.


The icon said he didn't think there was anybody other than Orton on the regular crew who has wrestled "that many guys". To hammer home his point, Ric said there were probably "20 guys" that Booker T worked "a hundred times" during his career.

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