What Was Keith Lee Thinking Right Before Becoming NXT Champion?

The new champ had a moment of peace...

Keith Lee told Sports Illustrated that his body was ravaged with the bumps and bruises of yet another physical match on NXT, but he was able to block that out.

The new NXT Champion had something else crashing through his mind: Pride.

During the interview, Lee admitted that he was once riddled with crippling self-doubt about his place in the company. Terry Taylor was the one who "kept reminding" Keith who he was and what he was capable of - the agent's rah-rah speeches helped more than he could possibly know, and Lee says they kept him "together" when he was actually struggling.


Fast forward to NXT's Great American Bash blow-off and Lee was pinning Adam Cole to become the new face of NXT. Things didn't sink in until the referee's hand hit the mat for a third time and he handed the title belt to Keith.

The new champ could barely believe what was happening, but quickly realised that everything was now "set in stone".


As the confetti exploded around him, Lee could only mutter to himself, "I did it". The elation must've been special for someone who had worked so hard.

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