What Wrestling Knowledge "Crushed" Chris Jericho

It's still real to him, damn it!

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho was left "crushed" by one piece of insider knowledge about the wrestling business when he was only young.

Speaking via his 'Talk Is Jericho' podcast, the AEW star recalled helping out on a Canadian tour put on by promoter Bob Holiday. His dad was friends with Holiday, and helped bag Jericho a gig working the ring crew.

Most of the wrestlers on the tour treated him like an annoying little outsider kid, but one called 'Catfish Charlie' (what a name that is) opened Jericho's eyes forever. He told the future multi-time World Champ that wrestlers who won titles "didn't actually win them".


Jericho's world was rocked.

He refused to believe that could be true. Heartbroken, he asked Charlie if that was even true of heroes in the WWF like Hulk Hogan. Yes, said 'Catfish', even the mighty muscles of 'Hulkamania' pre-arranged their dramatic title switches.


It's funny to think of now, but a young Jericho was absolutely gutted by this news. Charlie's bombshell changed the way he viewed wrestling forever, and he says it took him a "few days" to get over how "crushed" he was by this revelation.

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