When Did WWE Tell New Day They Were Splitting?

"WWE thought we would be knocking down doors, crying in public - just fits of rage!"

New Day Farewell

Big E has revealed exactly when WWE told Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and himself that New Day would be splitting during an interview with FOX Sports.

According to E, the promotion gave the lads just two days notice before announcing that they'd be going their separate ways in the 2020 Draft. E thinks there were genuine worries that the trio would react badly to the news if they were told when they arrived at the building.

WWE thought it best to give the guys a heads up first, but not much of one.


E told FOX that there had been rumours swirling around backstage for "maybe a month" prior to the actual announcement on TV. He was up front and honest by saying that New Day weren't exactly thrilled at the thought of breaking up.

When E approached writers behind the scenes to ask if the split was a "viable" option being considered, he was told, "Hey, there are many options being presented". Nobody would go into more detail than that.


The threesome were also bummed out because they thought they had more left to achieve together.

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