When Jeff Hardy's Iconic WWE Entrance Theme Will Return

Unfortunately, it may be a while away.

New Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy's iconic old them song 'No More Words' is being reserved for an actual live crowd, according to his wife Beth Hardy on Twitter.

For the longest time, WWE fans have been clamouring for former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy to go back to using his crowd-popping 'No More Words' song by Endeverafter during his colourful entrances.

Back in March, Hardy even confirmed that the song would be making a comeback during an episode of WWE's The Bump. However, since then he's continued to use the Hardy Boyz theme when appearing on Friday Night SmackDown on FOX.


Now, Hardy's wife seems to have confirmed exactly when the legendary tune will accompany the' Charismatic Enigma' to the ring once again.

Posting on Twitter, Beth Hardy revealed that 'No More Words is being reserved for an actual live crowd' which explains why we haven't seen Hardy using it since returning from injury during the crowd-less era.


Unfortunately, it looks like it could still be quite some time before WWE allow live fans back into an arena, so don't expect to see Hardy bouncing to the ring to the sound of 'No More Words' any time soon.

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