Which 90s WWE Star Thought His Gimmick Was "Horrible"?

"It was a horrible time in my life, and a horrible time in my career!"

Zip Sunny Skip

Former WWE star and trainer Tom Prichard has described his run as Bodydonna 'Zip' using one word: "HORRIBLE!".

Prichard told Fightful that he had a quite miserable time shaving his long, curly locks, bleaching his remaining hair and then teaming up with Chris Candido (Skip) and Sunny as a fitness freak between 1995-1996. To this day, Tom is fairly sure that the whole thing was a rib at his expense, but he doesn't think his brother Bruce or anyone else in WWE would ever admit that.

When the company first approached Prichard and asked if he'd like to do the gimmick, he was having none of it. "Absolutely not", he said - Tom would reconsider when WWE officials hung up the phone. He realised that this Bodydonnas mess might be his only shot at working for the promotion again.


There didn't seem to be any interest in him as a singles, and his Heavenly Bodies team with Jimmy Del Ray had hit the skids a few months before.

So, Prichard did what he was asked, cut his hair and became 'Zip'. He hated every second of it from start to finish.

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