Which AEW Wrestler Gave WWE Legend Edge His "First Real Lesson"?

"He just cracked open my brain!"


Dr. Luther probably doesn't know the impact he's had on Edge's career.

The WWE legend, who is currently on the shelf rehabbing injuries before coming back, told 'Busted Open Radio' that the AEW man gave him his first "light bulb moment" right near the start of his pro career.

Edge was working Luther in a 'Street Fight' way back in the mid-1990s. It was only the future Hall Of Famer's 50th match (or therein thereabouts), and Edge was relying on Luther to call spots inside the ring. During one sequence, he called something and his keen young opponent went to do it straight away without stopping to draw breath.


That's when Luther told him to "pump the breaks" and slow down a bit.

Edge learned that he could take his time between spots instead of rushing through them as quickly as possible. He described it as if Luther had "cracked open" his brain and poured career-changing information in there.


The Canadian has never forgotten that lesson, and says he's sure Luther doesn't realise how big an impression that one moment had on him.

Payment's in the post, Doc.

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