Which Current WWE Star Inspires Big Show To Work Harder?

'She has inspired me more than any other athlete I've worked with'.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is Big Show's number one inspiration right now.

The legendary giant appeared on Corey Graves' official WWE podcast 'After The Bell' and revealed that Becky's work ethic leaves him slack-jawed. His admiration for 'The Man' stems from a live event over in Dublin, Ireland a few years ago.

Show watched Lynch's match and thought she was only turning it on because she was in front of friends and family. That, as he'd learn, wasn't the case. When he watched again, and again, and again, Show could see that there was an urgency to all of Becky's matches.

"She was trying to beat her opponent, and every cover she tried translated that desperation of, ‘I’m trying to beat this person - this is a contest and I'm giving everything I have'. It wasn’t a spotfest, it was a story that you get emotionally involved in. You pay attention to it".

Those were Show's words on the pod. He went on to describe Bex as an athlete who has inspired him more over the past 10 years than anyone else in WWE. That's high praise indeed from someone who has seen it all.

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