Which Ex-Nexus Member WOULDN'T Be Up For A WWE Reunion?

"It would be a no".

WWE Nexus

Former WWE star Darren Young claimed during an interview in early-June that Nexus was gearing up for a return to the company at WrestleMania 36 before plans changed due to the ongoing pandemic.

Now, on his 'Conversation With The Big Guy' podcast, fellow ex-Nexus member Ryback (who worked in the group as Skip Sheffield before being repackaged) has revealed that he definitely wouldn't want to be involved in any original NXT comeback.

That throws a little bit of doubt onto Young's claims; if Ryback isn't up for a Nexus return now, then it's doubtful that he was ever in talks about being part of one at 'Mania in April.


Ryback did say that he "loves the group" and loves "the guys" he shared Nexus memories with in 2010, but wouldn't enjoy being part of another faction in the near future. If he's going to return to the ring, then the 'Big Guy' wants to do so as a solo act, especially at first.

He refused to rule out a Nexus reunion long-term though, so there's a chance Darren wasn't just trying to get himself some press. Maybe this comeback was considered.

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