Which Former WWE Star Almost Knocked Jeff Hardy Out?

Put those hands up, man!

Former WWE man Rusev almost knocked Jeff Hardy out during a May 2018 European tour.

On his Twitch channel, the one-time 'Bulgarian Brute' recalled working extensively in singles matches against Jeff throughout Germany, and he also remembers taking extra care to be gentle because of his respect for the veteran.

So much for that.


During one spot, Rusev called for Hardy to put his hands up so he could work a spin kick. Jeff refused, and it was too late by the time Ru-Ru noticed; he ended up booting Jeff hard on the side of the head, and worried that he might've seriously hurt someone he looked up to.

Rusev had already knocked Big E loopy a few years before, and he wasn't keen to get a reputation as someone who didn't take care inside the ring. To his credit, Hardy didn't complain.


Jeff's eyes were so glazed over that Rusev thought to himself, "Is he alive? Is he concussed? Is he gonna' keep going?". His worries were eased slightly when Hardy managed to kick out of a pinfall attempt after three stiff kicks.

"He's Jeff Hardy - he's immortal", said Rusev.

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