Which Former WWE Star Became An Ecstasy Dealer?

He wrote about it in his new book...

Ken Shamrock

Ex-WWE star Ken Shamrock moonlighted as an ecstasy dealer whilst still wrestling for the promotion.

In his new book, titled 'Shamrock: The World’s Most Dangerous Man', the former UFC fighter-turned pro wrestler detailed how he started selling the drug when WWE was sweeping through the San Diego area. He was instantly gripped by the intoxicating power of it all.

That's pretty scary.


In addition to selling ecstasy, Shamrock was also robbed. One story, which details how Ken was scammed out of "tens of thousands of dollars" worth of the drug by a "former gay porn star", sounds like something one might make up.

It wasn't a laugh to Shamrock, or made up - he was horrified, and it was very real.


The book goes in-depth on Ken's personal drug problems, and doesn't exactly skirt around issues he developed when working for WWE. Of course, those were Shamrock's own choices, but he clearly got carried away with the thrills of the road during his time in the company.

That ecstasy story is particularly harrowing. By day, Shamrock was pushing drugs onto the street. By night, he was appearing as the 'World's Most Dangerous Man' on WWE programming.

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