Which Former WWE Star Was Fined For Farting In Promo Class?

Apparently, letting one loose in WWE promo class can be quite expensive.

Enzo Amore Fart

Enzo Amore has revealed that he was once fined $250 for farting in the middle of WWE's infamous promo class.

With current AEW talent Taz taking to Twitter to let his many followers know that he had just let one loose, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion took this moment to explain how he'd been punished for the very same act whilst working for Vince McMahon's company.

In Enzo's words, “I got fined $250 for that in ‘promo class’ once. Most expensive fart in the history of the biz.”


Perhaps the oddest part about all of this is the fact that the boss himself seems to have quite a fondness for toilet humour, as evidenced in the MANY flatulent digs and skits that have aired on WWE television over the years. Yet, on this occasion, Vinnie Mac and those running promo class clearly weren't impressed by Amore's wind.


Since being released from WWE in January 2018, Amore has gone on to appear in the likes of New Japan and Northeast Wrestling. While his former tag partner Big Cass can now be found performing on IMPACT Wrestling as W. Morrissey.

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