Which Gimmicks Does The Undertaker Think WWE 'Cut Short'?

"We could have got a little more mileage out of it".

The Undertaker told which of his famous personas he thinks WWE "cut off" too soon.

According to the legend, his original run as the 'American Bad Ass' biker could've been longer, but there was an appetite for his classic 'Deadman' gimmick to return in 2004. 'Taker bowed to that pressure and brought back the trench coat and hat at WrestleMania XX.

Now, armed with the benefit of hindsight in 2020 (20/20 vision, one might joke), he thinks that might've been jumping the gun a little. 'Taker thinks he could have squeezed more from the gritty, realistic biker character than he did between 2000-2004.


The website asked the icon if he was surprised at all when such a wild departure from the supernatural elements that created his success clicked with fans. 'Taker wasn't shocked when fans accepted his 'Bad Ass' variant in 2000 though - in fact, he had a good feeling about it from day one.

The Undertaker's only niggling regret is that he didn't try to convince WWE to give him more time as the biker. At least he got to enjoy one last hurrah with the gimmick against AJ Styles at 'Mania 36.

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