Which One Wrestler Is Dominating WWE Network Viewing Habits?

People aren't watching much else.

The Undertaker Last Ride

The Wrestling Observer has revealed That The Undertaker is totally dominating WWE Network viewing habits.

'The Deadman' features in no less than seven of the 'Top 10' Network programs currently on WWE's most-watched list. As expected, the popular (and outstanding) 'Last Ride' documentary series is a big reason why, but there's also a healthy interest in other 'Taker content too.

For example, WWE's 'Best Of The Undertaker' playlist is getting a ton of attention, and the 'Post Mortem' for his doc's final episode (starring AJ Styles) props up the list as one of the most-viewed.


All five 'Last Ride' episodes are included in the 'Top 10'.

The only three non-Undertaker items on the list are the 'Best Of Adam Cole' (#3), the recent Backlash pay-per-view (#5) and the most recent edition of Raw Talk (#8). Other than that, it's all 'Phenom', all the time.


WWE reiterated that 'Taker's match with Styles at WrestleMania 36 would be his last on the latest episode of SmackDown. That show was framed as a tribute to the legend, but his presence remains strong on the Network.

'Last Ride' has been roundly praised as one of the best series WWE has ever produced.

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