Which Stadium Stampede Spot Were The NFL Against?

Tony Khan told 'Le Champion' to do it anyway.

AEW/Lee South

Speaking on the SDR show about his band Fozzy, former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho revealed that the NFL weren't too happy with 'Le Champion' performing one particular spot in the recent Double or Nothing Stadium Stampede match.

A number of crazy events such as 'Hangman' Adam Page riding a horse into battle, BROKEN Matt Hardy embracing his many alter-egos in a pool and an all out bar fight were seen throughout this Inner Circle Vs The Elite one-of-a-kind showdown inside of the Jacksonville Jaguar's TIAA Bank Field.

However, one unlikely moment went actually against the NFL's original wishes, according to the Demo God himself:

'The only thing I had to get approved was knocking out the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot. The only reason I had to get it approved was the NFL didn’t want us to do it, but Tony Khan said do it anyway. Everything was kinda free form. It’s just how creative do you want to be and how successful do you want to make the segment you’re in.'

The moment Jericho nailed Jaxson de Ville with the Judas Effect was undoubtedly another top highlight of the barmy contest and Tony Khan's relaxed attitude towards this contentious spot is another reminder of the freedom stars have to create under the AEW banner.

Hopefully the pair didn't get in too much trouble for such a hilarious exchange and this isn't the last we see of the ridiculous Stadium Stampede.


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