Which Star Did WWE "Miss The Boat On"?

Arn Anderson seems to think so, and he HATED the gimmick at first...

Santino Marella Cobra

Arn Anderson thinks WWE "missed the boat on" Santino Marella.

Speaking via his podcast, the former Four Horsemen member and all-round spinebuster-delivering bad ass said that he couldn't stand the comedy character when he first clapped eyes on it. It didn't take long for that opinion to change - Arn was seriously impressed by how Santino created sympathy for his character before making everyone laugh.

Anderson went from wanting to "beat him up" to pitching that Marella get a bigger push. Instead, WWE put a ceiling on his comedy gold and began de-emphasising Santino between 2014-2015. It didn't help that Marella suffered injuries and had to undergo neck surgery, but Arn thinks the promotion could've done more with him.


He really believes they should've pushed him harder when they had the chance a few years before that.

Despite having a judo background and being renowned as a tough guy backstage, Santino was "destined to go nowhere" (in Anderson's mind) until creating his funny man character. That always struck Arn as surprising, because he could see that the guy had something about him and could work with just about anyone.

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