Which Title Belt Meant The Most To WWE Legend Booker T?

It wasn't the WCW or WWE World Heavyweight ones...

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Booker T revealed on his 'Hall Of Fame' podcast which wrestling title meant the most to him personally during his lengthy in-ring career.

As the summary line says, it wasn't the WCW World Title or even WWE's old World Heavyweight belt that holds a special place in Booker's heart. Nope, it's the oft-forgotten WCW Television Championship that makes him weak at the knees.

Booker was a six-time WCW TV Champ and held the belt across 204 combined days. He first won the title from Disco Inferno on the 29 December 1997 episode of Nitro, and enjoyed his final stint with it after beating Scott Steiner at Uncensored 1999.


The lower-card prize helped Booker break out from the shadow of his Harlem Heat team with brother Stevie Ray. As TV Champ, he established himself as a new singles star in the company and slowly started his climb up the ladder.

Had he not been so popular as TV Champion, then there's a chance Booker wouldn't have become World Champ in 2000.


He said on the pod that he regards himself as the greatest WCW Television Champion of all time, and added that the belt "meant a whole lot" to him.

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