Which Top Star Didn't Want WWE To Sign AJ Styles?

Arn Anderson says one major name was frosty at first...

Arn Anderson claimed on his podcast that John Cena was frosty about WWE's bid to sign AJ Styles at first.

The legendary member of The Four Horsemen recalls sitting down one afternoon with Cena and suggesting that the company hire AJ, Bobby Roode and James Storm. After his rant was finished, Cena said, "We've got NXT - we make our own stars".

Arn understood where Cena was coming from, but thinks he was just spewing Vince McMahon's opinion and towing the party line because that trio happened to cut their teeth in TNA. He especially couldn't understand why anyone would knock back the chance to work with guys as talented as Styles.


Anderson told Cena that those three guys could work wonders with Cena and pull more from him, especially AJ. That turned out to be correct in the long run.

Cena had several stunners with Styles in WWE, and even agreed to put him over on back-to-back pay-per-views in 2016 (Money In The Bank and SummerSlam). Those matches really helped AJ's credibility in the promotion.


That wasn't something Cena could envision when Arn broached the subject originally.

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