Which Wrestler Just Signed A "Multi-Year Deal" With WWE?

Someone is sticking around for the long haul...


MVP announced via his official Instagram page that he's inked a "multi-year deal" with WWE.

The resourceful wrestler-come-manager is staying put for a good while yet then, and that's great news for everybody in the company. Since returning as a special guest entrant in January's Royal Rumble, MVP has been one of the most consistently-entertaining acts on the entire roster.

His latest run, which has seen MVP enlist the services of Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin as 'The Hurt Business', has been a regular highlight on Raw. The trio have become vital to the brand - that's saying something for Benjamin in particular. He was going nowhere until MVP came back.


MVP toasted his new contract with some single malt Japanese whisky, and he seems delighted to have thrashed out terms with WWE on an extension. Again, only a fool would claim that the guy doesn't deserve it.

It's amazing to think that MVP thought he'd had his final WWE match against Rey Mysterio on the 27 January edition of Raw. Since then, the self-proclaimed United States Champion has really gone from strength-to-strength.


He's earned this new deal.

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