Which Wrestling Legend "Failed His First WWE Audition"?

"Vince didn't even look at me!"

Bret Hart is one of the most skilled technicians in WWE history, but things didn't start out too well for the Canadian hero.

He admitted on his new 'Confessions Of The Hitman' podcast that he "failed" his very first audition with the company way back on 29 August 1984. Hart was brought in to work a tag-team match with old Stampede rival The Dynamite Kid against Iron Mike Sharpe and Troy Alexander.

Things did not go smoothly.


Bret was recovering from knee surgery at the time, and agreed to wrestle just six weeks after going under the knife despite doctors saying he needed six months rehab (at least). WWF officials assured Hart that he'd still be able to shine in the bout, but that wasn't the case.

The future Hall Of Famer's timing was all over the place, and he messed up the closing spot in the match. When both he and Dynamite returned backstage, Vince McMahon smiled as he shook the Kid's hand. Then, coldly, he ignored Bret and walked straight past him without saying a thing.


That told the 'Hitman' that he had failed his first audition with McMahon's juggernaut.

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