Which WWE Legend Disagreed With TNA Scrapping The Six-Sided Ring?

'That was a bullet in the head for TNA'.

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WWE legend Booker T said on his 'Hall Of Fame' podcast that he thought TNA's decision to move away from a six-sided ring was a real "bullet in the head" moment for the company.

Book admitted that he vehemently disagreed with suggestions from Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff that a more traditional four-sided ring would be better. To him (and probably several others), that stripped away some of the unique identity TNA had worked hard to build for years.

He added that it was surely more important for the promotion to "think about the future, not the past". They didn't do that, and it didn't sit well with Booker.


The former WCW and WWE World Champ believed that Hogan, in particular, would see his point of view and realise that guys like them wouldn't be flying around rings or coming off the top rope much anyway. So, Booker thought it sucked that Hulk and Bischoff were taking away platforms for younger, high-flying workers who did make good use of the six sides.

In fact, Booker thought TNA "needed" to have young guys working that eye-catching style to stand out from WWE.

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