Which WWE Legend Just Got His Own Signature Adidas Shoes?

All. Day. I. Dream. About. Shoes.


Woooooo-ouldn't you just know it - it's Ric Flair!

Yes, it's true. In one of 2020's more humble news stories, the 'Nature Boy' has inked a deal with sportswear giant Adidas and bagged himself his own signature sneakers. Flair gave fans a sneak peak at the shoes via his official Instagram page, and included a picture of the lavish robe they're based on.

Old-school fans will recall Ric's flashy gold robe from the early-1990s. That's what Adidas went for when designing his signature footwear, but they also took inspiration from NBA star Damian Lillard. The Portland Trail Blazers man and Flair are reportedly good friends.


It pays to have pals in high places then.

Flair signed a deal with Adidas last year, but this is the first bespoke item they've released to honour his iconic wrestling career. Fingers crossed someone at the company suggests they branch out into dressing gowns so they can launch a special gold edition that's stylish and comfortable.


Come on, it's nearly Christmas!

Seriously though, Ric's new shoes look rather snazzy. There's no word yet on just how much they'll cost when they hit stores.

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