Which WWE Legend's Daughter Is Returning To Pro Wrestling?

She's now taking bookings for wrestling, managing and ring announcing.

Former WWE talent Shaul Guerrero is returning to pro wrestling, and she's currently available for bookings.

Shaul is, you guessed it, the daughter of late, great WWE hero Eddie Guerrero. She left the company back in April 2014, and has worked for groups like Lucha Underground, (Booker T's) Reality Of Wrestling and AEW since, but she's ready to launch a comeback.

Her husband, WWE's very own Aiden English, was the one who broke the news on Twitter.


Shaul doesn't use social media as much as her hubby - her last tweet came in late-August following a brief cameo in AEW for their “Deadly Draw” women’s tag team tournament. Perhaps she'll become more active now she's pursuing a return to the big time.

During her time in WWE, Guerrero was known as Raquel Diaz and became the longest reigning FCW Divas Champion. She also won the 'Queen Of FCW' title.


Shaul married English in early-2016, so she's technically known as Shaul Rehwoldt. It's difficult to imagine she wouldn't either return to the Diaz surname or use her Guerrero heritage if she showed back up on WWE TV soon though.

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