Which WWE Legends Think Roman Reigns Should've Ended The Undertaker's Streak?

It was just too late...

Both Kane and The Undertaker himself wish Roman Reigns had been a big enough star to end the latter's iconic WrestleMania winning streak in 2014.

The legendary pair shared their thoughts on WWE Network's new 'Brothers Of Destruction' documentary, and said that Reigns would've been the ideal choice. The problem is that Roman was nowhere near as big a star as Brock Lesnar six years ago, and probably wouldn't have been a viable pick back then.

Kane revealed that he thought the 'Mania XXX finish with Lesnar was a botch that'd be corrected - he was angry upon realising what had actually happened, and stormed out of the room in a fit of rage. It didn't sit well with him that his long-time friend's winning run had come to an end.


Also, Kane thought the streak should've been used to cement someone's rising star, and 'Taker agrees. He told Vince that Brock didn't really need that victory to make him a big deal, but went along with WWE's ever-changing plans on the day.

'Taker also said that Roman would've been "fine" as a replacement. Maybe not in 2014, but definitely a few years later if things had been built properly.

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