Which WWE Star Does Vince McMahon See As The Next Shawn Michaels?

High praise for this SmackDown wrestler...

Matt Riddle

Vince McMahon has compared WWE SmackDown newcomer Matt Riddle to Shawn Michaels, according to a new report from WrestlingNews.co's Paul Davis.

Per Davis' WWE source, "Vince likes guys like Shawn who have that rebel mentality and he sees some of Shawn in Matt. Matt can rub some people the wrong way but he’s a good guy and he will do great. I think he’s a future world champion. Vince will try to tweak him but his personality will get him far.”

In addition, Davis writes that any backstage heat on Riddle following his needling comments towards the likes of Goldberg has now subsided, with two sources indicating that 'The Original Bro' is already a well-liked figure in the SmackDown locker-room.


It is also noted that McMahon absolutely loved last week's SD promo in which Riddle ran down why he wrestles barefoot. Vince heard the story prior to the show and let Matt tell it on air as a result. Now, Riddle is even being granted increased freedom to add his own input to his character and promos.

Riddle is already a potential Intercontinental Title contender, having defeated AJ Styles on his main roster debut.

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