Which WWE Star Doesn't Think They Can Ever "Outgrow" NXT?

"I feel like I have so much more to do here".


NXT's Rhea Ripley told Newsweek that she doesn't feel like she could ever "outgrow" the brand.

When asked if she'd achieved everything she could on Wednesday nights, Ripley said no. Then, she dismissed chatter about possibly moving to Raw or SmackDown, described NXT as her dream gig and added that she wants to be in NXT "for a long, long time" to come.

Rumours are ongoing about Ripley's future, and fans on social media did note that she lost her number one contendership match for the NXT Women's Title to Dakota Kai on the latest episode. That, to some, means change is imminent, but Rhea disagrees.


Ripley did note, however, that she's not in charge of making these decisions.

It makes sense that she'll be asked to move on eventually. WWE seemed to be testing the waters there by programming Ripley opposite Charlotte Flair during WrestleMania 36 season earlier this year. NXT hardcores would point out that the feud did more harm than good for Rhea as a character.


She doesn't appear to be in the running for the Women's Title though. Would you like to see Ripley join Raw or SmackDown full-time?

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