Which WWE Star Expects To Be Involved "For The Rest Of His Life"?

"Secretly" involved until the end...

Jeff Hardy IC Champ

Jeff Hardy has told BT Sport that he expects to be involved in wrestling "for the rest of [his] life".

Hardy is currently enjoying a renaissance as a singles star in WWE, and is in the midst of a reign as Intercontinental Champion. He says it means the world to him that the promotion has shown so much faith despite his personal misdemeanours, and he wants to be repay that for as long as humanly possible.

Specifically, once he finally hangs up his boots, Jeff is interested in taking on a role "as like a writer or just an idea pitch guy, or whatever". Basically, he fancies being part of the creative nucleus behind the scenes and helping shape the future of WWE.


When asked, Hardy said he doesn't really see himself as a trainer unless his daughter fancy becoming "The Hardy Girlz". Should that happen, then an entire generation of wrestling fans will feel very old.

Jeff does want to continue writing and performing in the music biz, but wrestling is his number one. It's something he can see himself sticking with until the day he dies.


Good to know.

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