Which WWE Star Trained The Ultimate Warrior In 2008?

A former World Champ got Warrior ready for his comeback...


It's RVD!

Yes, it's true - Rob Van Dam was the one worker The Ultimate Warrior personally requested to help train him for a comeback in 2008. RVD told The Hannibal TV that Dana Warrior later told him that Rob had caught Warrior's eye during an independent card in 1995.

After that, Warrior kept tabs on RVD's career in ECW, WWE and beyond.


In 2008, Warrior asked to meet Rob through a "mutual acquaintance", and wanted to know if RVD would work out with him. Van Dam, who had grown up idolising the guy, was flattered and couldn't wait to do some drills with his childhood hero.

Hilariously, RVD also sparked up a joint shortly after picking Warrior up from the airport. The notoriously-clean living comeback king merely glanced over at his new workout buddy and asked, "Do you smoke that every day?". Rob said yes, which fascinated Warrior.


When they started working out, Warrior was super-concerned about hitting the ropes the right way, and wanted to make sure he had the basics nailed down. RVD described the actual in-ring stuff as unremarkable, but said he was stoked to work some spots with someone he'd loved as a kid.

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