Which WWE Star Would Be Eric Bischoff's "Top Pick"?

The Bisch thinks he's a modern day Kurt Angle...

Eric Bischoff told talkSPORT that Dolph Ziggler would be his number one pick if he was in charge of a wrestling company today and had to fill out a roster.

Then, the former WCW boss went on to suggest that Dolph shares similarities to greats like Kurt Angle, and noted how Ziggler is capable of playing both comedic roles and serious ones without blinking. Oh yes, Sonya Deville's current on screen pal would be Bischoff's "top pick" if he was the man calling the shots.

Eric said he's always impressed by talent who are comfortable in their own skin and don't mind putting the company's wishes first before their own. Whilst Ziggler has been outspoken in the past when WWE haven't used him properly, he is a trusted veteran Vince McMahon can rely on.


Bischoff likes that.

He also likes that Dolph "doesn't take himself too seriously" and can adapt to different situations the promotion's creative team come up with. To Eric, that's incredibly valuable, and it's why he'd select Ziggler above most other wrestlers on the market if he was piecing together a talent roster in 2020.

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