Which WWE Star Wrestled Through Serious Injuries For 10 Years?

"My shoulders just progressively got worse and worse and worse...and worse".

WWE's Ruby Riott revealed on Isaiah Scott’s 'Swerve City' podcast that she was wrestling for 10 years with serious injuries before finally getting surgery.

Ruby didn't know how bad her shoulders were until doctors took a long look and said that both labrums had been damaged for a decade. The tear Riott suffered in 2019 forced her to go under the knife and get the long-standing problem solved.

10 years!


According to Ruby, she must've torn both shoulders when she started her wrestling career back in 2010. Instead of getting things seen to then and there, she soldiered on and things just got progressively worse the more she bumped.

Riott's surgeons recommended that she stagger work on each shoulder; they fixed one, gave her six months of recovery time and then brought Ruby back in for another operation. That caused the Raw wrestler to miss around 10 months of WWE action.


Despite living with the pain for 10 long years, Riott found rehab especially hard. She'd never worked back from surgery before, and it was quite the mental battle to get back on top of things.

So, there you go - this was Ruby's own 'Decade Of Destruction'.

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