Which WWE Tag-Team Almost Had A Third Member?

It might not have changed their lack of success...

1995 was a strange year for WWE business, but it could've been even weirder.

On his 'Something To Wrestle With' show, current Executive Director (of both Raw and SmackDown) Bruce Prichard lifted the lid on an idea that never got going. Back in '95, the company put Lex Luger and Davey Boy Smith together as the 'Allied Powers' tag-team, and that went on until Luger fled to WCW later in the year.

Prichard claims that there were talks internally about adding another member to the team and turning them into a threesome. Apparently, the promotion wanted to move away from a strict union between the United States and the United Kingdom by introducing another "international wrestler".


There's a chance, Bruce noted, that it could've been someone who was billed from Russia.

They may even have expanded to be a larger group of patriotic workers who'd come together to take over the roster. In other words, WWE thought about creating the 'League Of Nations' approx 20 years before Sheamus, Wade Barrett and pals burst onto the scene.


Plans changed when Luger turned up on WCW's Nitro flagship in September.

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