Which WWE Women's Star Was Paul Heyman A "Mentor" To?

Paul Heyman mentored this WWE star for "a very long time" - who was it?

Former WWE star Maria Kanellis told the 'ROH Strong' podcast that Paul Heyman has been her mentor for "a very long time".

Maria said that Heyman was constantly someone she could lean on for advice throughout her company career, and said that Paul E actually inspired her to write. During her most recent run in WWE, Kanellis believed that Heyman's legacy wasn't as respected as it should've been.



She also claimed that the former ECW 'mad scientist' had excellent ideas for her husband Mike, but that nobody else would really listen or help develop them in WWE. So, as a result, their controversial 'cuck' angle fell by the wayside and the couple were subsequently released.

Post-WWE, Maria still stays in contact with Paul as much as possible. She described him as the "one person" who will definitely reply "within a day" if she texts looking for some guidance. That kind of mentorship has always been invaluable to her.


It's incredible to think that Heyman still mentors workers outside his remit in WWE. How he has time to do that when he's busy acting as Roman Reigns' 'Special Council' is anyone's guess.


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