Which WWE Wrestler Is So Ripped It Hurts To Chop Him?

Even Big Show didn't want to chop this big beefy boy...

Big Show

Big Show is a renowned chop doctor in professional wrestling, with his huge, ribcage-rupturing overhand shots reducing many an opponent's chest to hamburger meat, though there's one WWE legend that 'The World's Largest Athlete' hates slapping up.

That WWE legend is Triple H. Why? Because he's so bloody ripped.

Show spoke about this during a recent appearance on The New Day's Feel the Power series, saying the following (h/t Fightful):-


"The worst to chop, the absolute worst to where I don't chop him is Triple H. He's got such an upper chest when he's in the corner and he flexes, his upper chest is so hard and peaks. It's like slapping two bowling balls. It makes noise but your hand... it hurts me more. Hunter is like, 'Give me a chop.' 'No, it hurts me,' and he starts like, 'what do you mean it hurts you?' He's laughing at me like I'm a big wuss because I don't want to chop him."

Proof, then, that even a hand with kayfabe knockout power can be undone by big beefy chest muscles.


Big Show is currently back in a regularly televised WWE role, having been more active than usual in 2020. He is expected to face Randy Orton at Extreme Rules 2020 on 19 July.

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