Who Came Up With Drew McIntyre's Claymore Countdown?

"3...2...1" > "Burn It Down".

Drew McIntyre has started to count down "3...2...1" before delivering his Claymore Kick finish during matches over the past few weeks. This is all part of the Scotsman's sudden drive towards a babyface push, and it's something he told Corey Graves on the announcer's 'After The Bell' podcast he's very keen on continuing.

It was also something he came up with on his own.

Graves asked if WWE had a hand in Drew's crowd participation routine, but McIntyre said it was all him. He started doing the countdown bit on house shows to try and get fans involved, and he noticed that people were digging it. That's when he made the call to bring the spot to TV.


Drew also warned WWE officials that fans had a hard time relating to a 6ft 5 inch "hairy Scotsman", so he'd have to try something to get them on board. Crowd interaction had been successful for him outside the company in places like EVOLVE, Impact and ICW before, and he wanted to give it a crack again on Raw.

McIntyre told Graves he's happy to be himself and not have to be super-serious 100% of the time.

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