Who Does Paul Heyman See As A "Box Office" Opponent For Roman Reigns?

Which WWE SmackDown star does Paul Heyman want to see face Roman Reigns at 'Mania 37?

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During the latest episode of Talking Smack, Paul Heyman revealed who he thinks would be a "box office" opponent for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37.

Over the last few months, everyone from Daniel Bryan to The Rock has been rumoured to be going one-on-one with 'The Tribal Chief' at this year's Show of Shows. Now, Reign's special counsel has given his opinion on who he thinks would be the most exciting opponent for his associate at 'Mania 37.

According to Heyman, Cesaro taking on Reigns inside of Raymond James Stadium would be "huge box office" for WWE:

“He’s uber-talented and he’s on a path right now to the top, and there’s only one man right now who has any hope of stopping him, and that’s Roman Reigns, which is why that match, that match could be the headline of WrestleMania this year. When Roman Reigns puts down Kevin Owens next week (Royal Rumble) and if Cesaro, who has a very good chance of winning the Royal Rumble, does just that.”

As Heyman notes here, Cesaro has been on a roll as of late, picking up key victories over Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler over the last few weeks, and the star has now marked himself out as an unlikely favourite coming into this year's Rumble match.

Whether this is just Heyman's attempt to put over a star he is a genuine fan of, or WWE legitimately sowing seeds for a clash between two titanic in-ring workers, is yet to be seen. But few current members of the company's roster deserve a shot at main event stardom quite as much as the consistently excellent Cesaro. So, here's hoping his current momentum is capitalised on in the near-future.

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