Who Does The Undertaker Describe As WWE's 'Most Metal' Wrestler Ever?

Rock and/or roll.

The Undertaker thinks that old foe-turned-friend Triple H is the 'most metal' wrestler in WWE history.

'The Deadman' revealed this during an interview with heavy metal site Loudwire, and cited Trips' history with Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister as one of the top reasons. Other than that, he just thinks that 'The Game' has this metal as f*ck vibe to him generally.

'Taker did acknowledge that some will scoff at his choice because of what Triple H does now. "He’s Mr. Corporate and all that", the legend admitted. However, he still stands by his choice and says that Triple H is a "huge metalhead" who he's had several insightful conversations about music with.


Triple H has used Motörhead as his entrance music since 2001, and has incorporated heavy metal imagery into many of his WrestleMania entrances. He's also the one most likely responsible for NXT's harder edge (someone has to pick out those crushing TakeOver tracks) and has spoken at length about his love of heavy music in interviews before.

All of that combines to make Trips a solid pick for The Undertaker. Rhea Ripley must be gutted.

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