Who DOESN'T Think Eric Bischoff Belongs On WCW's 'Mount Rushmore'?

"He’s not in the conversation".

YouTube/Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T said on his 'Hall Of Fame' podcast that former WCW boss Eric Bischoff doesn't belong on any company 'Mount Rushmore'.

Co-host Brad Gilmore popped a graphic on screen that showed a mocked-up Rushmore. Booker was there along with Sting, Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page. In a humble moment, Book said that he couldn't really put himself on there personally, but appreciated the sentiment from anyone who would.

Then, he turned his attention to Bischoff and said he wasn't even "in the conversation" for a spot on the mountain. When Gilmore pressed him on that, Booker added that "guys that haven’t put time in the ring wrestling for years don’t deserve ever to even be mentioned".


Hammering the point home, Book said that things were smoother with Bischoff before he was booked an an onscreen character as part of the nWo. When 'Easy E' started trying to be "one of the boys", Booker wasn't so keen.

He did concede that Bischoff did a lot for his career though, and said he does have respect for him. Booker just doesn't think Eric belongs in the same convo as Sting, Goldberg, DDP or any of WCW's other premier workers.

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