Who Emerged From The Fight Pit Victorious At WWE Extreme Rules 2022?

First-ever match on main roster closes show, settles grudge between Riddle and Rollins.

Seth Rollins Matt Riddle

WWE brought its Fight Pit up from NXT for Extreme Rules, debuting the match style in the main event of its latest premium live event as a way to settle the rivalry between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle.

The two wrestlers have been at each other's throats for months, with Rollins attacking Riddle multiple times, at one point injuring him so badly that he wasn't cleared for their scheduled match at SummerSlam. Things also got very personal, with Rollins dragging Riddle's family life issues into the story, weaponizing the fact he doesn't see his kids as part of the rivalry.

Riddle laid down the challenge for a Fight Pit match, which has only happened twice in NXT (the Original Bro was in one of them), to settle things. The bout was different than your typical cage match, which made for an interesting watch. It combined a cage match with a Last Man Standing match, though you couldn't win by escaping the cage, and submissions were allowed.


After being on the receiving end of a ton of verbal and physical abuse, Riddle picked up an important win by tapping Rollins out. You have to imagine this would mark the end of their feud, since there aren't many other venues left to take the rivalry. Hell in a Cell would be a bit redundant, as would a Last Man Standing match.


Rollins already is moving on in one sense, as he is slated to face Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship on Raw Monday night.


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