Who Is This Absolutely Ripped WWE Star?

Looks like someone's been working out from home...

Pete Dunne

It's Pete Dunne!

The former WWE United Kingdom Champion, who has recently started working as a producer for NXT UK, posted his body progress on Twitter and looked to allay fears from fans that he'd "lost weight".

If Dunne has shed any pounds, it's only because he's been whipping himself into the best shape of his career in preparation for an "eventual" in-ring comeback "when travel is possible". For now, Pete is happy to stay at home in the UK, help out with NXT UK's return and apparently work double sessions at his home gym.


He's looking ripped.

Dunne noted that some fans had asked him if he was unwell after seeing him look trim in recent WWE clips. He's fighting fit, and it must feel awesome to show off his transformation.


The Brit was last seen teaming with Matt Riddle in NXT before the pandemic. He was temporarily replaced as Riddle's partner by Timothy Thatcher; then, Riddle and Thatcher went on to feud before the former jumped over to SmackDown.

It'll be interesting to see what WWE have in mind for newly-ripped Dunne once he is able to return to action.

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