Who Pitched To Wrestle Dominik Mysterio First In WWE?

Someone wanted him before Seth Rollins...

Dominik Mysterio will need new opponents once he's finished taking kendo stick shots from Seth Rollins, and Andrade wants to be one of them.

In fact, the Raw star revealed during an interview with Entrevista (parts of which were handily translated to English by Fightful) that he pitched to wrestle Dominik first. WWE decided to go with the Rollins feud though, likely because it made sense to spin from Seth's issues with Dom's father Rey into similar storyline beef with his son.

That left Andrade disappointed - he had to settle for a run as a tag-team with Angel Garza instead of throwing another Mysterio around. Andrade and Garza will challenge The Street Profits for the Raw Tag-Team Titles at SummerSlam, but things could've been so different had WWE listened to Andrade's pitch.


SummerSlam might've had Andrade vs. Dominik on the lineup instead.

During his interview with Entrevista, Andrade flirted with kayfabe by saying Rey Mysterio was someone he loved to beat up. Then, he said Rey was "a great guy" outside the ring, and that he would have "loved" to work Dominik's first WWE match.


Give it time, 'El Idolo'.

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