Who The Undertaker REALLY Wanted To Beat His WWE WrestleMania Streak

Brock Lesnar 'didn't need' to beat his WrestleMania streak; here's who The Undertaker wishes did.

Roman Reigns The Undertaker

The Undertaker has told Bleacher Report that Roman Reigns, not Brock Lesnar, would've been a much better fit to end his iconic WrestleMania winning streak.

WWE went with Lesnar back at 'Mania XXX in 2014, but 'Taker wishes Reigns had "been first"; Roman did go on to beat the legend at 'Mania 33 in 2017. However, in retrospect, the 'Deadman' thinks he and Vince McMahon should've shown a little more patience.

Someone like Reigns would've been perfect for that role, 'Taker says.


Looking back, who knows. WWE fans booed the living sh*t out of Roman at the 2015 Royal Rumble, so it was clear that people rejected him as McMahon's chosen one. There might've been a riot had he been handpicked to defeat The Undertaker in New Orleans.

'Taker also told BR that he's not so sure Lesnar "needed that win". This is clearly a minor regret for the man, but hindsight is 20/20. Besides, again, would Reigns have really been a satisfying conquerer during his Shield days?


Roman and The Undertaker struck up a good rapport behind the scenes before the latter retired from the ring, so maybe 'Taker wishes he'd been able to give his friend an early leg up.

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