Who Thinks He's One Of The "Most Unique" WWE Intercontinental Champs Ever?

"There are so many great champions who have held that title..."

Jeff Hardy told Sport 360 that he's one of the "most unique" WWE Intercontinental Champions of all time.

The current reigning champ is enjoying his fifth stint with the belt, and said it was always a dream of his to hold the coveted secondary title. As a kid, he watched in awe as 'Macho Man' Randy Savage proudly strapped the IC belt around his waist, and he dreamed of someday doing the same.

Further, winning the Intercontinental Title in 2020 has given Jeff confidence. He thinks this could be a gateway to a run as Universal Champ someday, which he'd love, and says it's a huge show of faith from WWE to give him a fifth reign after all he's been through personally.


At 43 (Jeff celebrated his birthday on 31 August), Hardy is hardly in his prime, but he's been able to work fun matches with Sheamus, AJ Styles and others during this WWE renaissance.

Do you agree that Jeff Hardy is one of the "most unique" IC Champions ever? Without being too critical, it is true that most probably don't remember his other four reigns with the belt.

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