Who Told The Miz His WWE Rapping Sucked?

It wasn't R-Truth. He tried to let his pal down gently...

The Miz R-Truth Awesome Truth

R-Truth said on the latest WWE 'Break It Down' that The Miz cornered him backstage in 2011 when they were working together as a tag-team and told him he'd penned a verse or two of rap for him.

Worried, Truth nonetheless encouraged his 'Awesome Truth' pal to give it a go and let him hear it. When Miz started spitting rhymes, somebody else overheard and decided to tell the truth that erm..Truth wasn't willing to.

John Cena bounced around a nearby corner and said, "Tell the truth, Truth. Tell him it sucks!".


Miz was attempting to remix R-Truth's 'What's Up?' theme so they could use a tweaked version that'd include both of them. Truth was down for that, but he didn't think much of his partner's first attempt. Later, they actually ended up titling the reworked track 'U Suck' as a tribute to Cena's backstage honesty.

The joke's on Truth. Years later, The Miz went on to become 'The M-I-Z' and released some hip hop gold with 'Johnny Drip Drip' (John Morrison) in 2020. Don't worry, that last line isn't serious.


God bless John Cena's candour.

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