Who Wants A WWE Match With The Undertaker After WrestleMania 36?

"Things I appreciate about ‘Taker’s work are much more on display now".

Can you kill what is already (in kayfabe, sort of) dead?

Samoa Joe hopes so. He told SportBible in a new interview that he dreams of wrestling The Undertaker one-on-one in WWE, and the Raw man has his eye on such a match when he returns from his 30-day suspension after violating the Wellness Policy.

Anyone who fancies chanting, 'Joe is gonna' kill you' the legend's way might want to prepare some signs to complement such a chorus.


The Samoan said certain things about 'Taker's work he appreciates have become more prevalent in recent years. That, along with the icon's rich history in WWE lore, add up to a tasty prospect for Joe. He'll have to wait until his old TNA running buddy AJ Styles has had his fun though.

It looks like WWE could pivot on a Styles vs. 'Taker singles match and add AJ's OC partners and maybe Aleister Black to the situation at WrestleMania 36. Whatever happens, Joe says he'll be waiting after 'Mania for a little slice of 'Deadman' action himself.


Would you like to see Samoa Joe vs. The Undertaker, possibly at SummerSlam?

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