Who Was Behind Last Night's WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Disaster?

Aw, son of a bitch.

Seth Rollins The Fiend
"It was me, Bray Wyatt! It was me all along, Bray Wyatt!"

- Vince McMahon probably.

Yes, as exclusively revealed by on-fire scoops whizz Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com, the unanimously rejected finish to the Universal Title Hell In A Cell match was "a Vince McMahon call". According to backstage sources, McMahon's "sight and vision played out how he wanted it."

A thoroughly expected development, perhaps Vince McMahon has finally watched a horror movie, and decided it would make for gripping sports entertainment content. Really, the Fiend's gigantic mallet was a giveaway. Vince McMahon famously loves a comedy, oversized prop, which he often imposes on the wrestlers you'd like to take seriously as main event propositions.

Virtually everybody hated the inconclusive nature of the finish, and how it reflects on the new Fiend character, who couldn't get it done, again, in spite of his supernatural powers. We've been here before, but this feels particularly raw: we were encouraged to believe, cruelly, because WWE A) needed very much not to mess the character up and B) went all in on the immediate big push.


Past tense.

McMahon, hopefully, isn't aware that these new horror film things he's learned of have sequels, because knowing him, at Fastlane 2020, the Fiend will be vanquished once and for all after Seth Rollins traps him under the Spanish announce table.

What a shambolic, disheartening night - a sentiment, per Sapp, shared by many backstage.

Bet Vince gets cheered the next time he comes out on RAW.

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