Who Was Responsible For Aleister Black's New WWE Theme?

Fans were left baffled by last night's dropping of Root of All Evil.


For those who missed last night’s episode of Raw, one of the more jarring parts of this week’s edition of WWE’s red brand programming - other than Randy Orton's night vision goggles - was Aleister Black getting new entrance music.

Yes, as in the totally badass Root of All Evil song was replaced, while Black will also no longer be rising from a coffin as part of his entrance.

According to Fightful Select, Black himself was hands-on with changing his song and picking the new theme that we heard on last night’s Raw.


Previously, it was presumed that WWE had opted to change this tune as part of the company’s ongoing moves to replace numerous entrance music created by CFO$. Instead, it looks like not all of the blame for this change can be laid at WWE’s doors, with Black reported to have been involved in this decision.

Even when WWE has tried to move away from CFO$ themes in recent months, some wrestlers have been able to keep hold of their established entrance song should they reject the new suggestions on the table. So using that school of thought, it seems like Aleister Black could’ve kept Root of All Evil if he really wanted to.


Given Black’s recent change in character after turning heel and targeting Kevin Owens, it could well be that the former NXT Champion saw a change of entrance music and his actual entrance as being a part of the process of this character change.

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